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Energon invites you to take part in a friendly and non-competitive short run (5 km) which will give you more opportunities to team-up with ITHIC participants and friends. Join us at 07:30 AM on October 20th (Day 2). This is a great opportunity to discover...
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Real estate is constantly evolving and, undoubtedly, ESG is among the most important challenges facing the market, so the hotel industry cannot be exempted either. Hotel guests, investors, owners, employees and brands worldwide are increasingly showing interest in responsible environmental practices, sustainable tourism, social welfare,...
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Studio Moren is increasing its focus on Italy following its award-winning refurbishment of the Hotel Villa Pamphili Roma; the venue for this year’s ITHIC conference. The architecture and interior design studio is working on a second project in Rome, as the country evolves to embrace...
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The increase in the cost of debt following the ECB’s interest rate hikes had a negative impact on property values, calling into question the ability of counterparties to respect financial covenants and, on some occasions, debt servicing. In this context, despite the fact that ample...
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In Italy, the hotel industry is undergoing a highly dynamic phase of great transformation. With only 21% of the stock of hotel rooms linked to a brand, today, Italy is among the European countries with the lowest brand penetration. Undoubtedly, this represents a great opportunity...
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