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Reflecting on IHIF: Insights and Preparations for ITHIC’s 6th Edition in Rome

This year’s International Hotel Investment Forum (IHIF) in Berlin offered a platform for industry leaders to share strategic insights and future trends in hospitality. IHIF in Berlin is a cornerstone event in the global hospitality industry, attracting key stakeholders to discuss emerging trends, investment opportunities, and strategic challenges.

At IHIF, speakers like Sir Rocco Forte and Sébastien Bazin shared their perspectives on market expansion and the impact of technological advancements. Michael Grove and Robin Rossman analyzed regional economic recoveries, while IHG’s CEO Elie Maalouf highlighted the preferences of wealthy retirees, enriching the dialogue with diverse strategies for growth and adaptation.

With ITHIC on the horizon, the insights gained at IHIF are more pertinent than ever. The ITHIC team is excited to bring these discussions to Rome, where we will delve deeper into these topics, fostering innovation and collaboration in the hospitality industry.

As we prepare for ITHIC’s 6th edition in Rome, these discussions from IHIF will guide our focus on fostering innovative and adaptive strategies within the hospitality industry. ITHIC will offer a platform to expand on these topics, introducing new ideas and fostering discussions that will shape the future of hospitality.

Join us in Rome to continue these crucial conversations, as we build on the insights from Berlin and drive our industry towards new horizons.

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