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The Chains Monitor 2023 by THRENDS (sponsored by Dorelan) provides an update on hotel chains in Italy. In the first half of 2023, 141 new affiliations and 89 disaffiliations were reported, with the majority in the upscale segment. For the next few years, 164 development projects are planned, with luxury hotels being the focus and...
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According to a recent update of the Luxury Hotels Database of THRENDS, the 5 star hotels in pipeline in Italy in the coming years (2023 – 2027) has exceeded 100. To be exact, 117 new 5* hotels are in the pipeline construction, rebranding or upgrade, for a total of over 9,400 keys. Currently operational 5-star...
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Every year, THRENDS works together with hotel brands and investors to compile in a report the development activity of hotel chains in Italy. Acknowledged as the most authoritative source on the growth of the hotel industry, The Chains Monitor Italy Q3+Q4 2022 is recommended for those interested in the region. This year they partnered with...
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Unlike what it might have looked like at the end of February, the demand crisis triggered by the implementation of measures to combat the virus will not explain its effects only on March and April 2020. The projections for the future of demand for Italy are clearly anchored in the recovery scenarios, therefore at the...
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According to official data, 2019 was a successful year for Italian tourism, which, among other important goals, has witnessed the overtake of foreign arrivals on domestic ones in absolute terms. Visits paid by foreigners have indeed been growing until reaching around 65 million, representing more than 50% of the total arrivals. This is an historical...
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Milan, and in particular the Rogoredo district, is getting ready to welcome a new player in the world of hotel chains. Last year the construction of a new 10-floor building was announced in the suburban district, renovation of which began some years ago with the redevelopment of the former industrial area. The new construction, born...
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