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Osservatorio Outdoor 2024: A Flourishing Sector Amidst Global Shifts

In the latest report from the Osservatorio Outdoor Estate 2024, presented by Human Company and THRENDS, the Italian outdoor tourism sector is poised for another robust year. As a Florence-based leader in hospitality and a stalwart in open-air tourism for over four decades, Human Company, in collaboration with THRENDS, reveals that the upcoming summer season is expected to mirror the success of previous years, with projections indicating 56.5 million visits during the peak months of June through September.

This figure not only surpasses last year’s total of 56.3 million but also signifies a modest 1% growth from the pre-pandemic benchmarks of 2019. This consistent growth underscores the enduring appeal of Italy’s outdoor offerings and suggests a sector that has effectively rebounded from global challenges.

Expanded Analysis and Economic Impact This year’s observatory report expanded its survey reach to include 300 trade and institutional stakeholders, enhancing the breadth and accuracy of its insights. This expansion allows for a richer understanding of past performances and future expectations within the sector. Preliminary findings for 2023 showcased a total of 68.6 million visits, a 3% increase from 2019, with a direct economic impact estimated at approximately €4.79 billion. This contribution is significant, representing about 5% of Italy’s total direct tourism impact.

Forecast and Market Dynamics The 2024 outlook is bolstered by early reservation trends, with about 20% of outdoor facilities reporting occupancy rates between 61% and 80% as early as March. The international market is anticipated to deliver its best performance since 2017, driven primarily by visitors from Germany, the Netherlands, and Denmark, who together are expected to constitute 53% of total visits.

Conversely, the domestic market, though stable, shows a slight retreat from its 2021 figures and remains below pre-2020 levels. The Northeast of Italy, renowned for its quality offerings and geographical convenience, is projected to lead in attracting Northern European tourists.

Strategic Factors and Seasonal Adjustments The observatory also takes into account the impact of global socio-economic factors, including conflicts and inflation, which are reshaping travel patterns and vacation choices. Notably, there’s a trend toward extending the traditional tourism season, with May, June, and September becoming increasingly popular for their cooler temperatures and competitive pricing.

Consumer Behavior and Market Competition The competitive landscape is intensifying, particularly among non-hotel accommodations, driving innovation and adaptation in the sector. The rise in tourism rates is prompting tourists to reevaluate their budgets, seeking out promotions and adjusting their travel periods to maximize value.

The Osservatorio Outdoor Estate 2024 continues to serve as a vital strategic tool, offering detailed predictions and analyses that help shape the decisions of businesses throughout the outdoor tourism sector. As Italy positions itself to capitalize on these trends, the report highlights both the resilience and the potential of the outdoor tourism industry to adapt and thrive in a rapidly changing global landscape.

For those interested in a detailed review or to download the complete report, visit THRENDS’s official page for the Outdoor Report Summer 2024.

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