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THRENDS recently conducted an analysis of attendance in Italy for the period 2013-2022, highlighting the destinations with the greatest positive changes. It is important to note that, for the purpose of selecting destinations to observe, the provinces that demonstrated a very significant growing trend over the long term (2013-2022) were initially chosen, and sub

sequently, those destinations with a significant impact on the total flows of the province (or region) were isolated. The available data for the details of the destinations only goes up to 2022. In particular, the focus was on realities that did not fall within the four major Italian areas (Rome, Florence, Venice, and Milan).


It should be emphasized that the business definition highlights a predominant, or at least significant, business component over the leisure part. Between 2013 and 2022, the “big 4” recorded different trends in attendance volumes. During the years in question, Rome saw a growth in attendance of 23%: in 2022, the volume was 29.25 million, still below the nearly 31 million of 2019. Venice recorded 10.95 million attendances in 2022, up from 2013 (+10%) and still below the nearly 13 million of 2019. On the other hand, Milan saw a much more contained growth of 2%: in 2022, the volume was 10.41 million, still below the over 12 million of 2019. Finally, Florence recorded a decrease in attendance, which was 7.38 million in 2022, down 14% from 2013 and still below the nearly 11 million of 2019. In upcoming issues of “The Bulletin“, we will present focused insights on the growing business and leisure destinations, thus of potential interest for developments and investments.

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