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During the third National Day of Chamber of Commerce Tourism, focused on the theme “The Great Events: Jubilee 2025 and Milan-Cortina 2024 Olympics – The New Dimensions of Hospitality”, an event organized by Unioncamere and the National Institute for Tourism Research (ISNART), it was revealed that Italy is expected to welcome over 36 million tourist arrivals in anticipation of these two major events. Specifically, the Milan-Cortina 2026 Olympics are projected to attract 513,000 arrivals, marking a 34% increase compared to the same period in 2023, resulting in 1.8 million overnight stays and a tourism expenditure of 281 million Euros. The Jubilee, on the other hand, is forecasted to bring in 35 million tourist arrivals, leading to 105 million overnight stays, and a doubling of flows for a tourism expenditure of 16.7 billion Euros. Therefore, the 2025 Jubilee represents a significant opportunity for tourism across Italy, as the massive influx of visitors will not only target Rome but also include other destinations within the country.

ISNART’s analysis (based on ISTAT data, Location Intelligence, and AirDNA) indicates a risk of overbooking for both events, with a very high likelihood for the Jubilee, given the current lodging capacity of 400,000 beds which already has an average annual occupancy rate of 66%. For the Milan-Cortina event, overbooking is considered probable, given the existing 250,000 beds and an average occupancy rate of 63% during the event period, although the impact is somewhat lessened by the distribution of visitors across a broader area. However, a significant challenge for businesses is the availability of staff. Out of almost 1.146 million planned staff hires in 2023, 47.7% were difficult to fill, in 31.7% of cases due to a lack of applicants.

This analysis underscores the vast potential for tourism growth in Italy, driven by the Jubilee 2025 and the Milan-Cortina 2024 Olympics, while also highlighting the challenges in accommodation capacity and staffing. The anticipated tourist boom presents an opportunity for nationwide economic benefit and enhanced international visibility, urging the hospitality industry to prepare for the increased demand.

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