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Blackstone: USD 30bn global real estate fund

Blackstone recently launched the global real estate fund Blackstone Real Estate Partners X. With an endowment of 30 billion dollars, already in cash, it is the largest ever created by the American manager. James Seppala, Blackstone’s Real Estate Europe manager, interviewed by Monitor immobiliare stated that the next 3/5 years will be a truly unique period for those who can invest their own capital without resorting to financial leverage, but we must pay attention, because buying at a low price does not it necessarily means making a deal. The fund’s strategy, continued Seppala, is to identify the sectors which, over a 10-year period (this is the duration of the fund), guarantee returns and growth. So not only good purchase price for real estate, indeed, it is more important to buy quality. The sectors that respond to this research are logistics, offices, hospitality and living.

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