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MITUR, stop short rentals: minimum stay 2 nights

According to the new bill of the Ministry of Tourism, in the historic centers of large cities and in the tourist Municipalities in which they register more visitors, the houses can no longer be rented for one night only, unless the tenant is not a compound household by at least one parent and three children. A national register will also have to be drawn up of the apartments, and there will be fines of up to Euros 5 thousand for those who do not have an identification code national, to be displayed on portals such as Booking and Airbnb and at the entrance of the house. There is also an obligation for those who rent more than four apartments, so fit entrepreneurial, to present a communication log in, with a new category economic specifically assigned to the leases tourist.

This is the squeeze on Airbnb convened by Federalberghi, who was asking for just one limitation for stays of less than 3 days consecutive. The declared objective is to face the risk of oversized tourism compared to local accommodation potential, but also safeguard the residential nature of the histor ical centers ed prevent its depopulation. The limitation of two nights of accommodation minimum is limited to the 14 metropolitan municipalities and a just over 950 other high-density municipalities tourist. Will be exempt from this limitation i municipalities with less than 5000 inhabitants and low tourist density. One night stays account for about 5% of the value of bookings in the world short term rentals, but even for large families it will be difficult book one night since, probably, it will be applied by many la hosts minimum stay policy.

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