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Hotel Commodore goes to an Israeli fund

After returning to the market due to the blockade of the authorities to the company that had won the Commodore hotel in Montegrotto Terme, the asset was awarded by an Israeli fund. In particular, only a few days ago, with the new ban, the hotel was awarded to the Israeli fund Jerusalem Gardens Mordoch for approx. 3,750,000 euros, an increase compared to the previous award, nullified by the sanctions following the conflict in Ukraine, for 3,100,000 euros.

We remind you that the complex is large, has 220 rooms in total, restaurant, conference room, wellness centre, area for thermal treatments, gym, three outdoor and one indoor swimming pools, tennis courts and bowls. In 2019 the hotel recorded a turnover of approx. 3.14 million in total, down compared to 2017, when the latter had recorded revenues of EUR 3.4 million.

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