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Apulia Hotels, new entry Baia dei Faraglioni

After the closure of more than 5 years of the Hotel Baia di Faraglioni in Mattinata in Puglia, the reopening is scheduled for 21 July under the new management of Apulia Hotels Group, which has been awarded the management with a long lease period. The structure of 66 keys, swimming pool, multipurpose field, parking and lift with direct access to the private beach has historically been a 5 star, and was recently purchased by the Di Carlo S.p.A. group, a construction company operating in all Italian regions, and will reopen as a 4 star resort. The hotel recorded rather volatile performances both in terms of turnover and profitability. The hotel has in fact passed into management under various corporate vehicles which, all jointly owned, have all gone bankrupt consecutively.

In fact, initially, the hotel was managed by Baia dei Faraglioni Srl until 2008, then passed under Sital – Società Italiana Alberghi Srl in the two-year period 2009-2010. In 2011-2012, management passed to Azzurra – Hotel e Turismo Srl. From 2013, the hotel was then taken over by the domestic hotel group Allegroitalia until 2016, the year in which the chain abandoned management. The real estate company Di Carlo now holds the entire ownership of the property, which in fact, already in March 2009, had acquired 50% of its stake in Baia dei Faraglioni srl. In the years of operation in which the financial statements are available, the hotel has seen its turnover go from 1.6 million euros to 2.1 million euros, with key revenues that have gone from 25 thousand euros to 31 thousand euros in 2011, recording a maximum peak of 57 thousand euros in 2009, under the management of Sital Srl. 

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