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KSL Capital Partners acquires a majority stake in Sereno Hotels

KSL Capital Partners, a private equity firm specializing in the travel & leisure sector, has acquired a majority stake in Sereno Hotels through one of its corporate vehicles. Founded over 20 years ago by the Contreras family, Sereno Hotels is the owner-operator of the award-winning luxury hotel, Il Sereno, located on the shores of Lake Como in Italy, and its twin resort, Le Sereno, on the beach of Grand Cul de Sac, on the island of Saint Barthelemy. The Contreras family will remain a significant investor in Sereno.

Since 2005, KSL has raised over $21 billion in capital across equity, credit, and tactical opportunities funds. KSL’s current hotel portfolio includes Soneva in the Maldives, Beaumier in Europe, and Baillie Lodges in Australia.

According to Luis Contreras, founder and CEO of Sereno, “The collaboration with KSL allows us to accelerate our growth. Our shared vision is to create a limited number of new luxury hotels in unique locations.”

According to financial sources, Il Sereno achieved its highest turnover since its opening in August 2016, reaching approximately €22 million in 2022 (a 117% increase compared to 2019). The fiscal year 2022 also marks the first year the property achieved an EBITDA % above 30%.

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