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Fabio Coppola

Founder and Chief Visionary Officer – YELLOWSQUARE

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Founder and Chief Visionary Officer of YellowSquare, a vibrant chain of hostels in Rome, Milan, Florence and opening in Pisa and other Italian cities. Fabio has always had the spirit of an entrepreneur and the creativity of an architect. Although he did not complete his studies in architecture, he started his first hostel while at university, applying the concept of architectural mixité to the hospitality space. Now YellowSquare is the largest chain of hostels operating in Italy, with bar, disco, restaurant, coworking, hair salon, escape room, and cooking school. YellowSquare offers a truly all-round experience that mixes travellers and local residents. Fabio has given speeches at various industry conferences on the future of hospitality and hostels, including Hostelworld, Arival, HICON, ITHIC, GUEST LAB and ALBERGATORE day.

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