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Davide Mantesso

Project Manager – Michaeler & Partner GmbH


Architect since 2012, I worked within architectural ateliers in Italy and especially in South Tyrol, consistent design and engineering knowledge.
In 2017 I moved into project and construction management, working always in the frontline, in direct contact with both developers’ concepts and the frenetic dynamics of the construction site, as a link between the economic-financial world of real-estate and the pragmatic world of constructions.
Always enthusiast to blend the rigorous and precise German culture with the fluid and creative Italian one, I’m now specialized in the design and construction development of large structures in the Italian tourism area, shaped by artistic and environmental constraints, as well as bureaucratic delays.
My latest built projects are the extension and renovation of the Falkensteiner Hotel & SPA Jesolo ***** and the refurbishment of the Club Funimation Garden Calabria ****, while I am currently involved in the urban regeneration and real estate development of a new tourist-residential district on the shores of Lake Garda and in the development and construction of a new Luxury Resort in Sicily.

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20 October 202311:00 - 16:10
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