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About the Event

Real Estate Market & Finance in the Hospitality Industry
The Italian hotel industry needs new investments to renew its offer and presence in the global market.

What is waiting for you?

ITHIC is the first international conference exclusively dedicated to investments targeting hospitality in Italy.

ITHIC 2024

There is only one Italian Hospitality Investments Conference and it is held in Rome on October 17th and 18th at Hotel Villa Pamphili Roma.

Senior experts from real estate and finance jointly meet hospitality leaders from almost 10 countries to concentrate on new developments in one of the world’s key destinations: ITALY.

Updating and networking event

ITHIC is a unique updating and networking event, dedicated to the hospitality industry, real estate and specialized finance. ITHIC addresses specialized investments funds, banks, developers.

More than a Conference

Not only speeches, but face-to-face meetings and the chance to build partnerships for your business.

Networking will be the key feature of the event, with spaces and time dedicated to meetings between the asset holders, managers and the representatives of investment companies.

The more you know, the better you invest

Expert’s speeches will be illuminating for your activity. Meetings will be fundamental to improve your network and start new businesses.

Throughout the Conference, you will discover how to implement the best strategies for real estate investments in Italy, relying on the experience of international leaders.


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