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Valentina Boschetto Doorly

Tourism futurist, Author

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Valentina Boschetto Doorly comes from an international management background in the Tourism & Hospitality sector. She has held management roles in large hotel groups, tourist attractions, territories and DMOs between Italy and Ireland, where she lived for a long time. One of few European accredited futurists dedicated to Tourism & Hospitality, she writes on industry relevant topics for magazines and business papers. Her first book, published with Springer editions, Anticipation Science, examines the impact of Megatrends on the tourism sector: climate change, demographic decline and the clash between globaliziation and de-globalization that reshape the boundaries and the nature of our industry. A new book entitled “La terra chiama” (“Back to land”) (Il Saggiatore) was released in 2021 on the growing phenomenon of relocation in the countryside, a silent, multigenerational exodus from megacities, back to land.

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