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Paolo Sandàli

CEO – Energon

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Forty years old, a former sportsman in both triathlon and athletics, with a legal degree and a master’s degree in Business Administration, he has been operating for over ten years in the energy market and applied services. From 2012 he joined Energon spa as a commercial collaborator. Since the beginning of this job, he has developed considerable knowledge in the market of swimming sports centers, making Energon a leader in this sector through its services. To date, 70 swimming pools are served by the company itself. In all these swimming facilities, new state-of-the-art energy production systems have been created in ESCo mode. He currently holds the position of Managing Director and is also a shareholder of Energon Esco spa. In the assignment he is responsible for achieving new market shares for his company also in the hotel sector, social health facilities and residential properties.

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