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Gabriele Gascón

CEO – Gascón Group SA

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Gabriele founded Gascón – the Italian hotel & Clinic signature – on Swiss soil, the place he chose to complete his training and establish, immediately after completing his Master of Science in Architecture in Mendrisio, the first base of his architectural practice.

The choice to devote his profession to the specific field of hospitality was suggested to him by his awareness of the many requirements that this sector demands and his desire to offer a service that is as complete, capable and excellent as possible. Hospitality is his world, by nature Gabriele loves everything that represents good hospitality. Probably his birthplace, Sicily, a land of hospitality by definition, has contributed to refining this sensitivity of his. The style of his projects, moreover, contains the historicity of the incredible beauty of the city where he was born, Ragusa, a place full of Baroque flavour.

The entrepreneurial choice to turn to hotels and clinics is familiar to him: his path of growth took place between the private clinics where his father, a doctor, worked, the hotels where he went to conferences, his grandfather’s experience as a builder and his uncle’s entrepreneurial challenges, the latter during his residence in Veneto. His signature is therefore all-Italian and reveals his desire for beauty, but he operates on his chosen land following criteria of efficiency and precision. His main client is the largest medical group in Switzerland and his market is expanding.

Today, he wants to help the hospitality world take the right steps and avoid the obstacle of the crisis caused by the pandemic.

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20 October 202311:00 - 16:10
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