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Christian Grande

Architect & Designer. Owner, Christian Grande designworks


Christian Grande was born in Parma in 1972.

He obtained his Master of Art Diploma at the “Paolo Toschi” Art Institute and later attended the High Training School in Car Design at ISSAM Modena.

Very early on, already during his studies, he embarked on a career as a designer and in 1992 founded a design studio: at first participatory and later autonomous.
According to Christian Grande, successful design is based on contamination: an authentically creative vision must be able, even before defining a method, to integrate heterogeneous skills.
Interior designers, architects and naval engineers can produce, through a conscious effort, a formal synthesis that flanks successful aesthetics with the expression of a tireless internal coherence, in which each element plays a role and no sign is superfluous or self-referential: a new minimalism, rooted in the sense of the project, much more than in its stylistic rendering.

Today, the Parma offices employ professionals capable of first grasping the broad outlines of the project and then delving into the aspects of specific competence: concept, detail, visualisation and engineering.

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19 October 202315:00 - 16:00
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