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Charlie MacGregor

CEO & Founder – The Social Hub

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Charlie MacGregor founded The Social Hub in his early twenties, leading the company in exploring new territories and paving the way for the evolution of community-based hospitality, a concept he conceived. A born entrepreneur, Charlie founded The Social Hub in 2003 and still leads the team today. His love for community and his belief that “people deserve better” started it all, and continues to be the key to The Social Hub’s winning hybrid hospitality concept. With great willpower, he has grown The Social Hub to more than a dozen European locations and has raised more than EUR 3 billion from investors since its foundation. Today, Charlie is a leading voice on the future of hospitality for industry publications and events around the world. His goal? To build a global team, community and brand. In addition to The Social Hub, Charlie focuses on improving refugee camps through the humanitarian crisis NGO he co-founded in 2015, Movement on the Ground. With several active projects in Greece and the Netherlands, as well as providing aid and emergency shelter, his mission is to transform camps into campuses, offering refugees opportunities and a better life.

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19 October 202315:00 - 16:00
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