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New standards, profitable concepts, well designed hotels

20 October 202310:20 - 13:00Room Odescalchi & Room Aldobrandini

More than ever before, today’s projects of revamping, rebranding, renovation or greenfield need to be carefully addressed, not only in terms of the markets they are meant for, but also because budgets can span from appropriate to devastating. In the years 2021-2023 Italy has witnessed an unprecedent rise in the cost of CapEx. This session is dedicated to understand how new concepts and standards can help keeping the pace of inflation and changing markets’ habits. Moreover, appropriate standards and concepts can ease successful operations, processes, and procedures since the very beginning stage of project planning. These topics are addressed by architects, brands, analysts dealing with building and renovating concepts, visions, costs and their control.



10:20 - 10:40 / Room Odescalchi

Driving value to square meters through innovative architectures

Enrico M. Turella

Owner - luoghiCOMUNI studio di architettura

Roberto Saporiti

Owner - Saporiti Hotel Design

Francesco Conserva

Partner and Vice President - Open Project
12:20 - 12:40 / Room Odescalchi

I’m looking for something new and fresh. Any idea?

Massimo Barbera

Architect and Creative Director - LupoiDesignStudio powered by Speri

Federico Spagnulo

Founding Partner - Spagnulo & Partners
12:30 - 13:00 / Room Aldobrandini

The cost of renovating and building hotels. CapEx Report 2023

Giorgio Ribaudo

Managing Director - THRENDS


Nicola Delvecchio

Strategic Hospitality Advisor - Teamwork