Ten hours of ITHIC, a thousand networking opportunities

Take advantage of sessions breaks and dedicated facilities to make contact with colleagues, new projects handlers and potential partners.

Networking will be a key feature of the Conference, a chance for businesses and managers from different segments to meet up and share ideas and projects.

Meet up during breaks

Exploit the dedicated spaces

  • The new Meeting Hall will allow you to make contact with your target and put the basis for your new business partnerships and collaborations.

  • A 12-seats Corporate Meeting room will be available for reservations, to give you and your team peace and quiet to evaluate opportunities, ideas, or to arrange private Corporate reunions.
  • Take your time to visit the 2020 Hall, whereby hotel brands representatives will both deliver technical speeches and be available for face-to-face talking about trends, development and new projects you may be interested in.

Plan your networking activities

Contact other participants through the dedicated App

Take advantage of match-making opportunities among operators, thanks to a contact platform available from the very moment of subscription.


Download the App Teamwork Events to contact other participants at ITHIC 2020

App Teamwork Events
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ITHIC 2020

Meet up, chat, arrange meetings or reserve a meeting room to exploit at best all the Networking moments and opportunities the Conference provides you.

Don’t miss the chance, buy your ticket: this is ITHIC 2020!

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