In the Italian top 4 destinations for international tourism, as of July 10th, more than four luxury hotels out of ten (43%) are still closed. In Milan, the estimate reaches almost 60%.

The results arise from an analysis conducted by THRENDS, which is based on the whole hotel population in the luxury segment (5 and 5L stars) within the cities of Florence, Milan, Rome and Venice, for a total of 121 facilities. The data proves the difficulties faced by hoteliers for the reopening of a segment whose demand is largely represented (85%) by foreigners.

Among these, 9 hotels will be reopening in the remaining weeks of July, 8 in the month of August, 32 in September or, even worse, in October. For 3 facilities there is still no indication regarding the opening date.

There is no divergence in the reopening decision process between chain and independent hotels. The first class of structures are already open in the 60% of the cases, while the latter records a 53% reopening rate.

Looking at the number of keys, as of July 10th, about 5.200 of them (47%) are still closed (on a grand total of 11.100 keys in the segment).

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