Real Estate Market & Finance in the Hospitality Industry

ITHIC is the first international conference exclusively dedicated to investments targeting hospitality in Italy

ITHIC is a unique in-depth updating and networking event, dedicated to the hotel industry, real estate and specialized finance. ITHIC addresses specialized investments funds, banks, developers in the real estate sector, consulting companies, law firms, hotel brands and operators.

There is only one Italian Hospitality Investments Conference and it is held in Rimini on October 11 / 12, 2021. We are waiting for you.

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The more you know, the better you invest

Don’t make hasty choices, discover how to move at your best and how to propose yourself in a constantly evolving market.

Expert’s speeches will be illuminating for your activity. Meetings will be fundamental to improve your network and start new businesses.

Throughout the Conference, you will discover how to implement the best strategies for real estate investments in Italy, relying on the experience of international leaders.

What is waiting for you?

Italian Hospitality Investment Conference is more than a conference, it’s an opportunity for networking and updating.

Not only speeches, but face-to-face meetings and the chance to build partnerships for your business.

Networking will be the key feature of the event, with spaces and time dedicated to meetings between the asset holders, managers and the representatives of investment companies.

Discover the program


The Conference offers several networking opportunities throughout almost 2 day of events.

  • Getting your attendees list in advance will help you plan your agenda for meetings and interaction with other participants in advance. Get your ticket to download the updated attendees list.
  • Follow the “pitch sessions” to discover real investment opportunities on the market.
  • Have a coffee or a lunch with other participants during the networking breaks (see the Program).
  • Invite your partners to your customized conference table (6 seats, requires a sponsorship package) or your corporate desk (requires a sponsorship package).
  • Join night events to meet colleagues and partners again.

Ask the organization for special events, arrangements or for any support in planning your particpation and networking activities.

Why you can’t miss it

7 good reasons to participate.

  1. Meet international finance, real estate and hospitality experts.
  2. Discover new trends for hotel real estate.
  3. Collect answers to key questions concerning the hospitality real estate market.
  4. Listen to successful case history to be inspired by.
  5. Take advantage of new business opportunities and reach out with respective counterparts.
  6. Deepen your investment strategies for Italy.
  7. Network and create new partnership with other professionals of the sector.

More than 12 hours of updating and networking opportunities

Don’t miss the chance to participate at ITHIC, a great event of updates and networking dedicated to hotel real estate in Italy.
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Advisory Board

Thanks to their experience and ideas, Advisory Board members shape the content and direction of ITHIC, the only international event on Italian hospitality real estate investments.