Project Description

Paolo Barletta is a 34-years-old Italian serial entrepreneur, investor and impact philanthropist. In the last decade he has successfully established a number of businesses in technology, real estate, luxury hospitality, fashion and cinema. His international background is the reason for an eclectic and innovative entrepreneurial vision as CEO of his own company, Gruppo Barletta, a leading Italian real estate family business. Prior to taking over the management of the company, Paolo was the youngest-ever assistant to the CEO of FaceOff and managed a significant amount of financial operations; for these reasons he was selected for starting Anthilia Capital Partners SGR, a new financial boutique in the market. He envisioned a full corporate reorganization of his family business in 2010 starting by him becoming Chief Advisor to Finance & Development and, later on, Chief Executive Officer of the Group holding. Paolo has run the company over the toughest times in the Real Estate market and he successfully grew it by 25% per year and focusing 70% of the company in the Hospitality Business together with leading International Brand that wanted to have a gateway to the Italian market and who today work alongside the Barletta Group. Projects such as Soho House, Rosewood Hotel & Resorts, are the first successful accomplishment of this new strategy. Being a pioneer in change, he redesigned the corporate strategy by using new languages, strategic partnerships and by constantly enriching the Group portfolio through complementary investments, mergers and acquisitions. In 2013 Paolo bet on new entrepreneurial challenges: he invested a consistent share of equity on Chiara Ferragni Collection and he moved his interest to the world of Venture Capitalism. In fact, he established his own investment company in 2018, Alchimia Spa, today investing in over 6 countries and being acknowledged as one of the few Italian funds able to operate with some of the most strategic and innovative companies worldwide such as Virgin Hyperloop One, Spark Neuro and Texel.
In July 2019, Nicola Bulgari, through his Holding company Annabel, chooses Alchimia Spa as an industrial and vision partner for the family’s Venture investments. With an important M&A, Annabel acquires a stake of 12% of Alchimia Spa.
In 2014, Paolo created Myllennium Award in the name and memory of his father Raffaele: it is the one and only multidisciplinary award dedicated to “under-30 young talents” that represent the future leading working class of Italy. In the past 4 editions the Myllennium Award had more than 2000 participants and over 500.000 € of prizes awarded. Last but not least, Paolo, is the leading donor of Kukua, the award-winning social enterprise that fights children illiteracy in Sub Saharan Africa.