Beyond recovery: Building opportunities now October 11 - 2021 / Grand Hotel
October 12 - 2021 / Palacongressi
Rimini - Italy
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The event you can trust if you seek hospitality finance insights October 11 - 2021 / Grand Hotel
October 12 - 2021 / Palacongressi
Rimini - Italy
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500 members of a conference share a common view of hospitality real estate business October 11 - 2021 / Grand Hotel
October 12 - 2021 / Palacongressi
Rimini - Italy
Plan your meetings throughout the conference October 11 - 2021 / Grand Hotel
October 12 - 2021 / Palacongressi
Rimini - Italy
Based on the success of the first two editions October 11 - 2021 / Grand Hotel
October 12 - 2021 / Palacongressi
Rimini - Italy
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Italian Hospitality Investment Conference

Join us on 11 and 12 October 2021 at the Grand Hotel and Palacongressi in Rimini for ITHIC – Italian Hospitality Investment Conference, the only event entirely dedicated to investments and real estate in the hotel sector.

ITHIC is the first international conference exclusively dedicated to investments targeting hospitality in Italy.

ITHIC is a unique networking and updating event, dedicated to the hotel industry, real estate and specialized finance. ITHIC addresses specialized investments funds, banks, real estate developers, consulting companies, law firms, hotel brands and operators.

There is only one Italian Hospitality Investments Conference and it is held in Rimini on 11 and 12 October 2021. We are waiting for you.

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To access the event, the Green Pass is mandatory.

More info

There are some important news for the next edition of ITHIC – Italian Hospitality Investment Conference.

First of all, the event will take place over two days, 11th and 12th October 2021.
In order to have even more time, more contacts, more networking opportunities.

The first day will take place at the Congress Hall of the Grand Hotel Rimini.

The second day will take place, as in previous editions, at the Palacongressi di Rimini with two different halls for presentations and seminars, with large exhibition spaces and moments of networking.

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The Italian hotel industry needs new investments to renew its offer and presence in the global market.

Italian hospitality market creates curiosity and opportunities for both international and domestic investors and operators wishing to strengthen their management strategies and looking for growth. But it is not an easy one: the great amount of chances makes it complex to overcome challenges, understand and anticipate trends and to expand hotel business.

ITHIC is an in-depth meeting which goal is to provide opportunities for the real estate sector, finance and operators/brands to interact with each other. Get ready to be introduced to new opportunities, destinations, models.


Monitoring trends and movements of the hotel real estate market is essential to both sellers and buyers.

  • Follow the footsteps of the greatest: where to invest, how to do it and what to expect from hospitality investments in Italy.
  • An overview on risks, expectations and returns on investments of the main hotel products, segments and destinations.
  • The future of hotel chains in Italy: constrains to expansion and the evolution of management and lease contracts.
  • Hospitality + Real Estate: concepts, markets and opportunities for new hybrids and multi-use models.

Let’s do business

Scheduling sessions and breaks for networking, updating and knowledge sharing, ITHIC is addressed to an international audience of executives involved at all levels in Italian tourism sector investments:

  • managers, hotel owners, hotel chains;
  • real estate operators, assets management companies, brokers, developers and constructions companies;
  • specialized investors and private equity
  • hotel advisors, law firms and design/architecture companies

ITHIC represents a unique opportunity to reach out, in a single date, an international selected panel of C-level audience of tourism experts, decision makers and companies in real estate, finance and hotel operations.

2019 data insight

ITHIC 2019 participants presence by company sector and origin in %.

Company sector

Hotel Chains 25%
Consulting, Legal & Transactions 23%
Hotel Owners 18%
Architects, Engineers & FF&E Providers 16%
Investments Funds & Banks 8%
Institutional 5%
Building & Construction 3%

Origin in %

Post COVID-19 Management

As a result of Covid-19 spread, we fully acknoledge that there may be new restrictions, guidelines and recommendations from local, national and international authorities to safeguard the health of participants at upcoming events.

In Italy, we are the largest event organizer in the tourism sector, with over 30 events each year that welcome between 100 and 7,500 participants.

We are continuously in contact with a global community of event organizer, as we ourselves participate in events throughout the USA, China, Africa and the rest of Europe.

We ensure the timely implementation of new safety and prevention measures recommended to us (temperature scanner, on-site medical center, distribution of hygiene information materials, continuous sanitation of the venue, emergency plans preparation, etc.) E.g. at the 2019 ITHIC, we included the permanent presence of 118 (the medical emergency service in Italy).

ITHIC 2020 will take place in Rimini, a well-known tourism destination. Rimini is renowned for organizing events, top-level hospital facilities and unprecedented attention to the well-being of visitors.

As a further guarantee, our sponsorship and partnership contract contains express safeguard clauses to ensure maximum peace of mind in the event of force majeure events, because we ourselves have insured ourselves against such occurrences.

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